Adrian Rubin

Adrian Rubin

Adrian Rubin has spent a lot of time playing video games. He has always been drawn to the alternate worlds, action, level of skill, graphics and storyline. The complexities of the games and the distinct characters provided hours of fascination. This is the reason he chose graphic design as a career. He had so many ideas for incredibly unique games and wanted to bring these ideas to life.

Adrian studied graphic design in college and earned his Bachelor’s degree. He learned how to write the millions of lines of complex code necessary to develop a video game. Every action chosen by the players required yet another line of code. He studied the software, learned about certification and the latest trends. He understood the basics and mastered the programs necessary for the career he had chosen.

Once he had his degree he assembled a team to help him bring his concept to fruition. They discussed the most important details of their project such as their budget, the target audience, the requirements and the development of the story. They experimented with different genres and themes, improved the original concept and began developing the game.

For nearly a year all Adrian Rubin though about were the characters, difficulty levels, maps, scenarios and settings that would become the representation of his ambition. This was accomplished by inputting computer scripting into the software program they were using. The team generated the characters, objects, events and commands the players would be interacting with. He coordinated his team, tested the results and helped rectify the mistakes. He became a lead designer during the course of this critical year.

Adrian’s creativity mixed beautifully with his technical skills and the game started coming together. The process was difficult due to the severely limited budget but he persevered. He was not willing to sacrifice his vision because he knew his career was reliant on the success of his vision. The graphic displays were of the highest possible quality. The lines of code were perfection and the game was sensational. Adrian was finally ready to market his game.

Adrian Rubin contacted the biggest names in the business and was shot down every time. Nobody was interested in financing a game designed by an unknown entity. The constant rejection only made him more determined to succeed. He faced solid rejection for three solid months before he was taken seriously. Once he had exhausted the biggest names he began researching some of the smaller companies.

Adrian found the pot of gold in Texas. There was a small graphic design company determined to make a name for themselves in the video game sector. They needed something spectacular to break into the highly competitive field. Adrian spent three hours explaining to the owner of the business exactly what he had. The company agreed to test his game. The excitement when they contacted him after thoroughly testing his game was palpable. They were unable to pay what Adrian wanted so they worked out a deal. He would receive less money upfront but he would own one-third of the company outright. He saw the possibilities and signed on the dotted line.

Adrian’s game was an instant sensation. He had improved on everything currently available in the market. The sales were incredible and he developed a fan base. He brought his team with him to the company to begin on the next sensation. Five years have passed since the day his career was firmly established. He has an innate understanding of what the masses want in a video game. He fulfills their needs beautifully. He remains current with the latest trends and has greatly influenced the industry.