Adrian Rubin: Which Cities Are Best To Invest In This 2017

Adrian Rubin Best Cities for Real Estate Right Now

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As the economy begins to show signs of life, more real estate investors are looking to scoop up several real estate bargains across the country. If you’ve been at the real estate game for years now, you would know that timing plays a big role in maximizing potential yields. With that said, here are some of the best cities to invest for real estate right now. Whether you’re looking to flip or buy and lease out a home, these cities offer a remarkable return on your investment without incurring too much risk.

#1: Orlando, Florida – Florida has been experiencing steady growth across the board over the last three years, and Orlando is just one of the booming cities riding this upward trend. While investors have the luxury of choosing from Jacksonville and West Palm Beach, Orlando seems to be the best city for real estate investments due to the presence of numerous tourist attractions such as Universal Studios. Real estate always benefits from tourism, and in Orlando’s case, the economic activity has translated to a drop in unemployment rates and an increase in new housing construction. The cherry on the sundae, Orlando’s home prices still have room to grow despite climbing an impressive 38% since 2014. In fact, home prices in the state are still undervalued, so if you want to ride the bullish trend, you better act quickly.

#2: Nashville, Tennessee – Taking the No. 2 spot is Nashville after it saw an outstanding 29% growth rate over the last three years. Like Orlando, the Nashville housing market shows plenty of promise because it is still undervalued by as much as 7%. As for employment growth, it’s been modest at best but many analysts remain optimistic that Tennessee’s local economy is only going to get better moving forward. One of the main selling points of Nashville is the affordability of homes. This makes the city an ideal place for couples to start a family or for retirees to spend their senior years.

#3: Seattle, Washington – At No. 3 is the Seattle market which is currently undergoing strong job growth. As more people move into the city for work, this should push the demand for rent and new housing even higher. If you invested in the Seattle market in 2014, you’re likely to be all smiles this moment as the city continues to breakout to the upside—this is besides the incredible 21% return on your investment already. Compared to Florida’s urban cities however, Seattle has one of the most expensive housing markets in the country. But this doesn’t seem to be a concern for millennials, as this age group is reportedly the top source of rental demand in the city.

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