ESP Up Close

Not surprisingly, Eastern State Penitentiary has become somewhat of a property legend. From its origins as a solitary prison to reports of supernatural sightings, of course it ranks as one of the scariest pieces of real estate in Philadelphia. However, for those that are not faint of heart, I recommend that you explore this haunted place through the “Terror Behind the Walls”. This haunted house experience is like none other, but if it sounds like a bit too much for you, then you can always check out the history of the museum by visiting the museum or taking a guided tour…during daylight hours. Additionally, the prison has been featured on many television shows that seek out the supernatural so you can always check that out too. This is a historically and architecturally significant building, and it’s worth looking into the history of the property’s development for those interested in the complete history of Philadelphia’s real estate and property development. Enjoy the video below!