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Real Estate News and ResourceKeep abreast with trends and stay ahead of the competition by tuning in to this page. If you’re interested in real estate development and are new to the rules of the business, this page will also contain helpful resources for you to get started.

Generally, real estate developers can be categorized into two groups. One group comprises those that come from business and finance backgrounds and have an entrepreneurial bent, and the other group is generally dominated by architects turned real estate developers.

Many real estate players also have a master’s degree related to real estate development. While this isn’t a requirement, the education in an academic setting will nevertheless lay a good foundation for what you will be doing later in the game. With that said, there are several books worth poring over. In fact, some of these texts are required readings for a degree in real estate development.

Check out the following titles; they all deserve room in your bookshelf. They are a mix of the basics and experiences of experts.

  • The Real Estate Game by William Poorvu
  • Property Development by Richard Reed and Sally Sims
  • The Development Handbook by Howard Zuckerman
  • The Professional Real Estate Development by Peiser and Hamilton
  • Foundations of Real Estate Financial Modeling by Staiger
  • Real Estate Market Analysis: Methods and Case Studies, Second Edition by Brett and Schmitz
  • Intent to Prosper by R. Kym Harp

You may also want to subscribe to the Journal of Property Management, a bi-monthly publication that offers comprehensive coverage of the real estate management industry, including insight on trends and issues affecting all property types.

As for magazines, REALTORSĀ® Magazine and Urban Land Magazine can be your supplemental reading.

Of course, you can also stay tuned to this page for your regular dose of real estate news. Any major developments in the real estate industry will be discussed here.